Home News Rocío Madrid, second expelled from ‘Survivors 2024’

Rocío Madrid, second expelled from ‘Survivors 2024’

Rocío Madrid, second expelled from ‘Survivors 2024’

Thursday night witnessed the second expulsion in the edition of ‘Survivors 2024’. Rocío Madrid, the Malaga actresshe said goodbye to the competition in front of his teammates Miri Pérez-Cabrero y Angel Cristo Jr. in a gala full of emotions and surprises.

With a total of 17% of the votes in his favor, Rocío Madrid was forced to leave and head towards Playa Limbo, without knowing it previously. The news came after a intense nominations night and mixed emotions, where the audience had the final say on the fate of the contestants. The gala, hosted by the charismatic Jorge Javier Vázquez, was developed with the expectations of reality, where the participants fought for their permanence on the island. Rocío Madrid, along with Ángel Cristo Jr. and Miri Pérez-Cabrero, arrived at the event nominated after Aurah Ruiz was saved in a previous salvation ceremony.

The distribution of the votes revealed the fate of Rocío, who could not convince the audience enough to stay in the competition. Faced with the news, the contestant expressed hers “desire to continue“on the island, highlighting its”personal growth and the experiences I still hoped to live“However, the votes dictated his departure, and Rocío said goodbye amid displays of affection from her colleaguesmaking it clear that although Some aspects of the contest weredifficult“, takes with himvaluable experiences and meaningful relationships“.

He most tense moment of the night came with the Aurah Ruiz’s lack of farewell to Rocío Madridevidencing the tensions that had existed between both contestants throughout the program. Rocío responded with dignityemphasizing that “everyone shows their true nature in moments like this“, and wishing the best despite the differences. The gala also left nominees for next week: Aranxa del Sol, Kike Calleja, Angel Cristo Jr. y Aurah Ruizwho were left in the hands of the audience to decide their fate in the competition.