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Robot lost work because of criticism!

by Afonso
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A UK parcel service company’s AI chatbot lost its job after criticism. The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot was employed by Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD).

According to the report of Sky News, DPD recently disabled the AI ​​chatbot from the computer system for having a critical conversation with a customer in addition to highlighting the issue of institutional weakness. This incident has created a lot of discussion.

The incident begins with a parcel. The parcel was made by a young man named Ashley Beecham. He could not find the parcel. Contacted the company about this but did not get any response. Then he tried to find out about it through the company’s AI chatbot.

Ashley is 30 years old and lives in London. He said, ‘The chatbot could not give me any information about the parcel. Apart from this, I could not communicate with any other people. Then I started talking to the chatbot.’

Ashley first asks the chatbot to send a joke. The chatbot sends jokes. Then asked to write a haiku (a kind of poem) about DPD’s service quality. In no time many poems come from the chatbot. The content of these writings was criticism about the service quality of the organization. The chatbot then rambles on about DPD’s poor service when Ashley asks for more.

A video of Ashley’s conversation with the chatbot went viral when it was posted on social media. After this matter came to notice, the DPD authorities disabled this chatbot from their computer system.


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