Home News Rise has brought new clothes for Eid, the use of prints has increased

Rise has brought new clothes for Eid, the use of prints has increased

Rise has brought new clothes for Eid, the use of prints has increased

Domestic fashion brand Rise has brought modern clothes for everyone on Eid. Most of their clothes are made keeping the youth in mind. Therefore, the use of prints has increased in the texture of clothing. And there is a mini collection for the whole family.

The use of prints in clothes is as visible as the eyes.  Photo: Rise

The company said in a press release that the Eid collection has been arranged with all kinds of clothes for everyone. Which can be found in all Rise outlets and online shops. The brand has left its mark of individuality in attractive and modern designs. Keeping in mind the international fashion trends and customer needs, they come up with new collections for every season and festival.

There is a premium Punjabi collection for boys.  Photo: Rise

There is also a collection of luxury clothes for girls.  Photo: Rise

Like every time, Raiz’s Eid collection is dominated by boys’ premium Punjabi, Koti and girls’ luxury salwar suits. As Eid is during summer, the fabric has been selected keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the customer. Besides, the new collection has many color variations. Good quality cotton fabric is used in Punjabi keeping in mind the weather and comfort. On the other hand, fabrics such as jacquard silk, georgette etc. are predominant in ethnic tops for girls.

Ethnic tops collection will attract attention in girls collection.  Photo: Rise

The design of ethnic tops is innovative.  Photo: Rise

Keeping in mind the other days of the Eid holiday apart from the Eid day, the Eid casual collection has been kept in Raiz. It has a huge collection of casual shirts for boys and casual frock style tops and kaftans for girls. Prints have been used more in this collection.

Casual collection for girls includes tops and kaftans.  Photo: Rise

The fashion brand will find clothes for the whole family.  Photo: Rise

Besides, Rise has brought Minimi collection on the occasion of Eid, where all the family will get matching dresses. The brand’s new line-up includes perfumes for boys and girls and insulated water bottles with graffiti designs.