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Riots in Papua New Guinea over police strike kill 15

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A police strike over pay has sparked riots in two towns in Papua New Guinea. At least 15 people were killed. The riots started on Wednesday local time.

Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner David Manning said on Thursday that eight people were killed in the riots in the capital, Port Moresby. Meanwhile, seven more people died in Leh.

Hundreds of people took to the streets on Wednesday after police officers went on strike to express dissatisfaction over pay, the BBC reported. Meanwhile, shops and cars were set on fire, supermarkets were looted. Later, the government deployed the army to restore order.

Port Moresby Governor Pows Parkop complained in a radio address that some ‘opportunistic’ people had carried out the looting. Tibi said, such an incident has never happened before in the history of our city and country. This conflict is unprecedented.

Police and other government employees protested outside Papua New Guinea’s parliament on Wednesday. They went on strike on this day as the salary was cut by up to 50 percent. A violent situation ensued.

Prime Minister James Marape said up to $100 was deducted from government employees’ paychecks due to a computer error. The government is not raising taxes as demanded by the protesters. Many people took that opportunity after spreading misinformation on social media.

TV footage showed massive crowds and looting across the city. Shootings also took place near the US Embassy. Papua New Guinea’s neighbor and main security partner, Australia, urged everyone to remain calm in such a situation.


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