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Restaurant to slap waiters with money

by Afonso
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Various restaurants organize fancy events to attract people. Brings up the exception menu. But what is done in a restaurant in Japan, it will seem almost unreal. In this restaurant, women waiters have the opportunity to be slapped by paying money.

According to Indian news media NDTV, Bangkok Lad recently released a video about the social media X (the new name of Twitter). The video claims that the name of the restaurant in Nagoya, Japan is ‘Shachihoko-ya’. There is an opportunity to eat there. Although the restaurant claims, they no longer provide this ‘service’. It is closed.

In the video of Bangkok Lad, it can be seen that the customer who came to eat at the restaurant is sitting on the chair. Then increasing the cheek. A female waiter keeps slapping that cheek one after another. After being slapped, the person is giving thanks rather than getting angry.

NDTV says this ‘service’ is available at the restaurant for ¥300 (228). If you pay this amount, a female waiter dressed in traditional Japanese kimono will come and slap you one after another. Even one of the waiters has to pay 500 yen (Tk. 381) to get this slap. In addition to Japanese men and women, the video mentions that this event is quite popular among foreigners.

In Bangkok Lad’s video, the slap menu is called ‘Nagoya Ladies Slap’. Many people commented on this video. But some say, it is humane. The caption of another related video says, the louder women slap, the happier people are. They feel more fatigued.

This menu was first launched in 2012. At first a female waiter was in charge of slapping. Later, when the demand increased, the company started hiring more women workers for this work. However, after the video went viral, the restaurant said in a post on X that they have stopped this menu. Now no one should come to the restaurant for this menu.


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