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Restart or shut down

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Regular restart or shutdown of computers and smartphones is recommended. This is important to protect the device. Restart or shutdown option is provided in operating systems like Microsoft Windows, MacOS. However, many people do not know the functionality and details of these two commands. Shut down usually means turning off the computer and restart means turning it off and on again. But in addition to these two things, restart and shutdown are more effective. Let us know when one of the two things is required.

If a restart is suggested during an update or software installation, just restart. To complete an update successfully, go to Settings, Power Options, and click Restart. Daily use often disrupts the normal functioning of the computer. So the technicians have advised to restart the device to avoid unwanted situation. It enhances Windows’ file protection, temp file invalidation, and update capabilities.

shut down
If you are concerned about the power connection and battery life of the computer or laptop, shut down. Especially during rain or storm or when the power goes out, if you don’t want to use the UPS or battery for a long time, you have to shut down the computer. Apart from this, it is better to shut down the computer to get protection from hacker attack. If ever in doubt, a hacker has or is in the process of hacking into the computer, shutting down the computer makes it impossible to do the rest of the work.

Source: Reader’s Digest, Reddit


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