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Resignation of the President of Vietnam

Resignation of the President of Vietnam

Vietnamese President Vo Van Thung has resigned after one year in office. The ruling Communist Party announced this on Wednesday. The party said in a statement that Thung violated party rules and his resignation was accepted by the central committee.

However, it did not give details of Thung’s resignation. However, it will be known in the special session of the National Assembly on Thursday.

Thung was afraid of being arrested in the anti-corruption campaign. Ten years ago, when he was the provincial head of the Communist Party, he was accused of accepting bribes. However, critics have commented that this campaign is a tool of political intrigue.

According to the news agency AP, Thung resigned as the second president in 2 years. Earlier, his predecessor Nguyen Xuan Phuc was ousted in an anti-corruption campaign.

After accepting the resignation of Vietnam’s Communist Party President Vo Van Thung, the country’s government said on Wednesday that the resignation was a sign of political instability in the country that could hurt foreign investor confidence in the country.

Thungay violated party rules, the government said in a statement. This has negatively affected public opinion. It also affected his reputation in the party, state and personally.