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Resignation of 668 leaders at various levels of Japa

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668 people have resigned from the Jatiya Party (JAPA) from various units including Dhaka Metropolitan, expressing no confidence in the current leadership. This announcement was made by the leaders and activists of the party in a press conference at the National Press Club on Thursday afternoon.

The resigned leaders claimed that the current leadership was steering the Jatiya Party in the wrong direction, with party chairman Ghulam Mohammad Quader (GM Quader) and general secretary Mujibul Haque Chunna turning the party into a family institution.

Besides, the resigned leaders also complained that the party was being destroyed by deviating from the ideals of Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

With the aim of establishing proper leadership in the party, it was informed in the press conference that the preparation of the Japa Council is underway under the leadership of Roshan Ershad, who is the main sponsor of Japa and who served as the leader of the opposition in the 11th National Parliament.

At the time, the city leaders claimed that the candidates of the party have been overwhelmed by giving candidates in the twelfth parliamentary election in exchange of money. The resigned leaders also announced that they would soon remove the unscrupulous from the Jatiya Party and reorganize the party in Ershad’s ideals.

Leaders Jahangir Alam Pathan, Shafiqul Islam Sentu and others who were already expelled from Jatiya Party were present in the press conference.

Incidentally, in the recently held 12th National Assembly elections, 11 MPs of Japa were elected with the plow symbol. They have already taken the oath.

Roshan Ershad, the leader of the opposition in the last parliament, did not buy nomination papers in the election. Some of the leaders known to be pro-Roshan in the party rejected Zapa’s nomination. In this situation only 11 seats have been won by JPA candidates. Overall, there is anger among the party leaders towards the current leadership.


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