Home News Reserved women seats in February and Upazila Parishad polls in March

Reserved women seats in February and Upazila Parishad polls in March

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The Election Commission (EC) is preparing for the polling of reserved women’s seats in the 12th Parliament in February and the polling of the sixth upazila parishad in the first half of March.

EC Secretariat Additional Secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath confirmed this information at the election building in Agargaon of the capital on Tuesday.

He said, ‘The schedule for these two elections will be announced after getting the approval of the commission.’

Mentioning that the reserved women’s seats may be scheduled next week, he said, ‘After receiving the list of voters, it will be taken to the commission next week. The schedule will be announced if the commission allows. If the schedule is approved by the commission next week, then the election can be held in February.

Ashok Kumar Debnath said, ‘Voters in this election will be members of Parliament, we have received their list from Parliament. The draft voter list will be published in Parliament in the same way as the voter list is published. If there are no objections after publication, it will be the voter list. Later, the schedule will be announced with the approval of the commission.

As per the existing law, women’s seats are allocated in proportion to the number of seats won by parties in direct elections. Members of Parliament elected in general seats of Parliament become voters of reserved seats.

EC Additional Secretary said, ‘All preparations are being made for the schedule of reserved seats for women in the 12th Parliament. I am preparing preliminary work including appointment of returning officer, preparation of voter list.

Awami League won 223 seats, Jatiya Party 11, Jasad 1, Workers Party 1, Kalyan Party 1, Independents 62 in the 12th National Parliament Election. One seat remains to be polled. In Naogaon-2 constituency, due to the death of a candidate, voting will be held there on February 12.

Meanwhile, the additional secretary said that the list of 485 upazilas suitable for the election has been received and the commission secretariat is ready to conduct the election accordingly. This will be selected step by step. Upazila polls are likely to be held before the start of fasting. SSC examination and fasting will be considered for polling. If the commission approves, the first step can be before the start of fasting.

Currently there are 495 Upazila Parishads in the country. Upazila Parishad elections started on March 10, 2019. The five-phase voting ended last June.

According to the law, the term of Upazila Parishad starts from the day of the first meeting. The elected council served for the next five years. Election is mandatory within 180 days prior to expiry.


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