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Republican Holy Week: shooting the Virgin

Republican Holy Week: shooting the Virgin

«”Long live the Soviets”?? –Manué said–. That is spelled wrong”. “What are you saying?” answered the deceased. «It’s missing an s at the end. It is “soviets”. The rest, fine. “Let’s see. Review,” Manué announced, taking perspective. «Fascists die. We don’t want Easter. We want bread and work. Long live the Soviets. The two friends separated themselves two meters from the white wall. Something was missing, Manué thought. “Let’s draw the hammer and sickle, so that it is clear who looks after the people,” the grammarian finally said. “Yes, but is the sickle to the left or to the right?” said the bearer of the painting, moving to the rhythm of the phrase. “Take out the party card and we’ll see it, Pepe,” said the ideologue. «What a card and what nothing. I am a communist for the love of humanity, although for that to happen we have to liquidate those who oppose it,” Pepe began. «Come on, don’t give me a speech and paint».

Seville was a hive of fear and fervor. That March 1933, the incidents of the previous year were still very present. The brotherhoods had decided not to go out on the streets. The threats had more weight than the mayor’s efforts to return to normality, or the financial aid given to the brothers. In Holy Week 1932 Only La Hermandad de La Estrella, founded in Triana in 1560, came out. As soon as they crossed the threshold of the San Jacinto church, a group of people occupied the road shouting “Long live libertarian communism.” It was barely audible over the noise of the crowd. As it was the only procession, the sidewalks and balconies were packed with devotees and curious onlookers.

The brothers of La Estrella continued towards the Plaza del Altozano. They were followed by a Frenchman with a film camera. The children paid more attention to the cameraman than to the passing of the procession. “Revisionists!”, shouted a Kaffir in Sierpes while throwing a stone that hit the Christ. “We are violent because of the class structure!!,” said one with his fist raised. «Down with the oppressive cultural dialectic of centuries!»The brothers, who were not versed in university Marxism, quickened their pace. The Virgin of the Star stood on a cobblestone of caps and hats stumbling, with a face of pain, crying.

A woman went out to a balcony to sing in the Plaza de San Francisco and the brotherhood stopped. It was the Alfalfa Girl. The Queen of the Arrow called her Alfonso XIII. The sweet and wild voice of Rocío Vega, the saetera, seemed to return the procession to its religious channel. Not far away, in the past Sierpes, voices could be heard saying “Hang him! “No stones are thrown at Christ!” The flat caps of the Assault Guards appeared among the crowd like a flock of migrating ducks.

political passion

The Virgin decided to return home. The brothers seemed relieved. The French cameraman thought she had gotten the report on her life. All the picturesqueness of Seville, like Carmen, by Bizet, with its color and fury, the weight of religion, political passion and tension. And all in a few meters of celluloid. The Parisian public would be satisfied seeing those curious people on the news program in the movie theater, just before seeing the premiere of “L’Atlantide”, based on the famous novel by Pierre Benoit. ANDThe French cameraman was already thinking about the world of the monstrous and sensual Queen Antinea when shots rang out..

People ran as best they could. Devotion and curiosity transformed into understandable pushing, pushing and trampling. “They have shot the Virgin!” announced a woman. A young man raised a gun to the astonishment of the crowd. It was later learned that he was a carpenter, 22 years old. A communist named Emiliano. The Assault Guards stopped him, but the attacker had two magazines. The thing was not over there. It was not just about shooting the Virgin, but about putting an end to the processions, to Holy Week, to the Church, to everything. He pointed it at law enforcement and backed away to escape.

The Guards caught him amidst the cheers of the parishioners. The Virgin of the Star entered her house with her cloak torn. Emiliano entered prison, where he spent four years, until 1936. It is possible that the amnesty of that year put him on the street.. It is likely that the communist gunman saw the brothers taking the images for Holy Week of ’36 from the catacombs, shortly before Seville became a tragic battlefield.