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Red card and two goals on both sides in 5 minutes – this is the final!

by Afonso
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The news is, Bashundhara Kings won the title by defeating Mohammedan 2-1 in the final of Independence Cup today. Bashundhara winning the title in Bangladesh domestic football is now a regular occurrence, but after the first title in the Independence Cup in 2019, Bashundhara was seen on the title stage again after a gap of three years last season, after which Bashundhara retained the Independence Cup again.

However, the way the final with Mohammedan has accumulated, in a word, the final has to be like this. The first half was not very exciting, but the second half saw both goals, counter-goals, red cards and brawls – what happened! The final in Gopalganj today was just like the final! Bashundhara fell behind after becoming a team of ten, came back to win the title.

Five minutes into the second half, the tension reached its peak. Instead of that five minute description, take a look first –

48 minutes. Ball in Mohammedan’s half, Bashundhara Kings’ Rafiqul Islam fighting for possession of the ball with Mohammedan’s Babu. But while taking possession of the ball, Rafiq raised one leg towards Babu and made a horrible tackle. Babu was not hurt, Rafiq lost control and fell to the ground. But whether or not he was the victim of such a tackle, Babu flicked the ball – but hit it in such a way that it hit Rafiq. It didn’t feel like that. But Rafiq got angry again. He went and put a blow on Babu’s back! Rafiq saw the red card, Bashundhara became a team of ten in the scoreless match.

Gramganj football seems? The event is one of the biggest tournaments in professional football in Bangladesh in the final of the Freedom Cup! However, this picture is regular to the audience who is familiar with the bad tackles and losing temper of Bangladeshi footballers.

50 minutes. Second push for Bashundhara! Mohammedan got a corner after Rafiq’s red card attack, Muzaffarov’s corner was scored by Mohamedan’s Emmanuel with a great header in the poor condition of Bashundhara’s defense. Bashundhara’s 7 players in the 6-yard box as well as the goalkeeper, on the contrary, Mohammedan had three! But what those eight people of Bashundhara were thinking and doing, it was not understood! Gopalganj Stadium Mohammedan Gallery in the hundreds of visitors to think about them! What is their madness! After a few years in decline, last season’s Federation Cup winners Mohammedan are on course to win a title for the second season in a row – that’s the feeling out there!

But it didn’t take two minutes for that feeling to become bitter! Bashundhara woke up with one player less, one goal! The football that Bashundhara played in the next minute and a half was simply amazing. Brazilian Robson took possession of the ball brilliantly and extended a short pass to the onrushing Miguel, Miguel’s eye-catching backheel to the left edge of the box again into the path of the onrushing Robson. Robson picked up the ball and took a shot past a player in the box, but it bounced back into the Mohammedan defence. Even so, Mohammedan was not saved. The ball fell at Rakib Hossain’s feet. The ball was on the left foot, Rakib, who has spread a lot of light in the jersey of Bangladesh last year, took a great shot on the left foot. Ball in the net! 1-1!

five minutes A red card. Two goals in two posts! After a scoreless first half, it seemed like it was the final at the beginning of the second half!

Bashundhara then played brilliant football. It was no use trying to run against eleven with ten men, so Bashundhara slowed down the game. If you want to play it slowly, you have to have a lot of ball skills, and who else is better than Bashundhara in Bangladesh’s domestic football skills!

Mohammedans also fought. It has a match. However, in the end Mohammedan could not cope with Bashundhara’s skill. In the 86th minute, Bashundhara took the ball from the midfield in a slow build-up. Sohel got a pass from Rana and Miguel made the gap again! Miguel, who was on top of the Mohamedan box before catching the pass, dropped down to catch the pass, but a Mohamedan defender had to rise to track him down. Well, the last line of Mohammedan defense was broken!

Then a glimpse of Miguel! While catching the pass, he gave such a body dodge that the Mohammedan defender who was clinging to his body was knocked down. On the other hand, Darielton entered through the gap created by a defender going up with Miguel. Miguel’s great through went to Darielton, Darielton’s first touch great shot into the net!

It was not possible for Mohammedan to beat Bashundhara, who was far ahead in skill.


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