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Record capital shortfall in 14 banks

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14 banks of the country are facing a record capital deficit. In this list there are 6 state-owned banks, 6 private banks and 2 foreign banks. It indicates a critical financial situation mainly due to irregularities in the banks.

According to the updated data of Bangladesh Bank, the capital deficit of these banks at the end of last September stood at 37 thousand 580 million taka.

Banks suffering from capital shortfall are – Agrani Bank, Basic Bank, Janata Bank, Rupali Bank, Bangladesh Commerce Bank, Bengal Commercial Bank, Citizens Bank, ICB Islami Bank, National Bank, Padma Bank, Habib Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Bangladesh Agricultural Bank. and Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank.

Out of this, the capital deficit of government banks is 31 thousand 406 crores. Out of which the deficit of Bangladesh Agricultural Bank is Tk 15 thousand 804 crore.

Bangladesh Bank says that the capital deficit of Agrani Bank has increased by 28.15 percent to Tk 4,828 crore in the three months till last September and the deficit of Basic and Janata Bank has increased to Tk 3,150 crore and Tk 3,290 crore respectively. At the same time, Rupali Bank’s capital deficit was Tk 2,121 crore and Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank’s deficit was Tk 2,472 crore.

And six private banks have a capital deficit of Tk 6 thousand 23 crores. The capital deficit of the National Bank of this sector stands at 2 thousand 24 crores.

Of this, Bengal Commercial Bank’s capital deficit was Tk 70 crore 70 lakh. Last June it was Tk 87 crore 93 lakh. Capital deficit of Citizen Bank was Tk 95 crore 37 lakh. It was Rs 97 crore 10 lakh three months ago.

Both banks blamed the central bank’s fixing of minimum paid-up capital at Tk 500 crore instead of Tk 400 crore for the shortfall. Besides, the deficit of Habib Bank and National Bank of Pakistan was Tk 33 crore 40 lakh and Tk 43 crore 65 lakh respectively.


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