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Reasons why iOS is ahead of Android

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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS occupy the top positions in smartphone operating systems. Although both are mobile operating systems, there are quite a few differences between Android and iPhone. But in the debate of which is the best, iOS is ahead in terms of several features. Some such features are known in the technology site Make Use Over report.

iOS has AirPlay for audio-video streaming. It’s basically Apple’s own technology. With the help of this feature, audio-video streaming can be done from one Apple device to another. Android does not have this feature. But Google is working to bring a similar feature. In 2020, Google introduced the Nearby Share feature to provide convenience like AirDrop. But it doesn’t offer the same benefits as AirPlay.

Apple provides the FaceTime app as a built-in feature on iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices for video calling. The feature is quite popular among Apple users. Android users can also join FaceTime due to its web accessibility. But for that invitation link is required.

iMessage feature is quite popular among Apple users. Due to this feature, most iPhone users are reluctant to switch to Android. Because, if most of the friends are iOS users, switching to Android will not provide the benefits of using iMessage. Through this, iPhone users can easily communicate through messages.

check in
A new checkin feature has been added to iMessage with iOS17 version. The feature can be used to inform friends or close people about your location in iMessage. User can schedule specific location or time based check-in. It will automatically notify those on the other end when it reaches a certain location.

Apple announced the NameDrop feature at this year’s developer conference. Through this, users can exchange contacts ie numbers with each other. Both iPhones need to be unlocked to use it. Android does not have such facility.

Hide email
Apple is always conscious of ensuring the safety of users. As part of this, iCloud Plus service was launched in 2021. It facilitates the use of Hide My Email feature. It allows you to create emails with different names for signing up on any website. As a result, your real email address will be hidden.

Focus filter
Both Android and iOS operating systems have focus mode. But Apple went a step further by adding filters. The focus mode can be set in various apps including Safari, Messages, Mail and Calendar through the focus filter. For example, if you turn on work focus on iPhone, Safari will only show you work-related tabs.


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