Home News Real Madrid – Celta: The exact number of fouls that Vinicius receives

Real Madrid – Celta: The exact number of fouls that Vinicius receives

Real Madrid – Celta: The exact number of fouls that Vinicius receives

Several days have passed since the game against Leipzig and now everything looks different. The meeting was bad, but there were no major misfortunes, not even small ones. «In the tie against Leipzig we did not have the tie in danger for a single minute. “We have always had a goal advantage since Brahim scored in Leipzig,” Ancelotti said yesterday. Real Madrid is in the Champions League quarterfinals and today against him Celta It can continue to leave Barcelona 8 points away and Girona also far away. «After the Girona game, which I think was the best of the season, we have suffered a little more and it may be that we have lowered our level a little. This makes us think about what we should improve. Where and what we have not done well and from there improve,” Ancelotti said yesterday. «We are not worried, we evaluate things well with the greatest possible criticism between us. The evaluation of Wednesday’s match has been simple and clear: nYou have lacked intensity and attitude, and against Celta we have to put them in», continued the Madrid coach.

It is going to be a Madrid with changes in the eleven to refresh it, sin Bellinghampunished with two games after the end of Mestalla, and with Vinicius, the footballer who Madrid is subjecting itself to in these days of some doubts. Vini scored both goals against Valencia at Mestalla and also scored against Leipzig. Vini is the absolute protagonist of this Real Madrid, without a doubt. “What we need against Vinicius is attention,” said Rafa Benítez yesterday, who never leaves his monotonous tone. “Once you have it, if you also have help it will always be beneficial for the player who is in that area,” he says.

Because the Brazilian focuses attention on the field and off it. There is not a day that is not talked about, because of what he does, because of what he does not do, because of what they do to him. «I have looked back at the statistics and what I have found is that there is no player as pursued as him. They kick him, whistle at him, insult him… what should he do? He scores goals and gives us assists and then I have to talk to him because of his attitude. No », he asked himself, and answered himself, yesterday a Carlo Ancelotti more forceful than other times.

This season Vinicius receives an average of 2.4 fouls per game, which is high, but it is not the highest. But the Real Madrid coach was referring to everything that happens around him: what are fouls and are not called, the pressure, how they look for him and find him. At Mestalla, in eight minutes he received two fouls. Last season he received, orOfficially, 122 fouls, the most in LaLiga, caused 20 yellow cards, while he received 10.

At Real Madrid they consider that the measuring stick is not the same with Vini as with other footballers. «Everyone has to change the attitude they have against Vinicius. It has never happened in my personal history that a highly talented player suffers what Vinicius suffers. “People forget, but I don’t forget.”, explained the Italian coach, who yesterday abandoned his measured attitude towards Vinicius to stand without a doubt at his side. Since he often catches him in his band, he usually talks to him a lot in games. And he also sees what happens to him up close: «In Vallecas they gave him a karate blow to the face and not even a warning and now everyone is asking for a red card because he pushed a Leipzig rival. When we have to evaluate something, we don’t have to wear shirts,” asked the Italian coach.

The coach does not want Vinicius to cut himself, much of what Real Madrid does this season depends on him.