Home News Real Madrid – Celta (4-0): Madrid defeats doubts

Real Madrid – Celta (4-0): Madrid defeats doubts

Real Madrid – Celta (4-0): Madrid defeats doubts

If the match against Leipzig had left some doubts, Real Madrid dispelled them with their rout of Celta, in a League that seems more than on track and in which Ancelotti’s team seems a step or two or three superior to the rest. Celta barely showed their face and if the match took a while to be completely decided it was because Madrid had a hard time finding the right path to the goal. That was the only thing that kept Ancelotti’s men in some tension.

The coach assured that in the two games remaining before the break the team was going to have to hold on. Then, as the days went by, he changed his mind, but it is true that Madrid looks more physically fit than at other times of the season. It happened to him against Celta: after a very dominant first half, he was running out of air until he was reborn at the end, with the changes. It is true that he never feared for the game. Rafa Benítez’s Celta is that: a Rafa Benítez team of now, as if without a soul. He lacked passion or faith at the Bernabéu. In the first half because it was dominated and in the second because it was seen that the Vigo team is not up to great feats.

He endured the one-zero score against many minutes thanks to the fact that Madrid has a forward problem. Bellingham’s loss does even more damage than expected because Ancelotti’s team has a hard time reaching the area clearly to score and when he does, he does not sharpen his aim. The perfect example was a shot by Rodrygo in the second half, on the run, in the area, with enough chances to score, but he had a weak shot in the center, into the hands of Guaita. When he was substituted, the Brazilian left crestfallen on the sideline while Joselu came out onto the field. Ancelotti defends his work whenever he is asked, but few positions like that of the forwards are measured so much by statistics. And Rodrygo’s, for now, do not pass the test. He had a streak of absolute lighting matches, but then and now, he is off.

So Rüdiger had to resolve the match with headbutts on two corner kicks from Modric, who started ahead of Kroos. The first was not a direct goal. But his rejection was picked up by Vinicius to score the same. He is in a center forward plan that is scary. He finished twice until he put the ball in the goal. Vini endures Madrid and the pressure. He doesn’t care if people talk about him and he’s not going to change. In the second half he suffered a continuous and desperate grab from Mingueza and when he got up, after the referee signaled a foul, he pushed the Celta player. It is impossible to finish the conversation about Vini.

Between Rüdiger’s first shot and the second, which was a direct goal, Madrid left good signs and some not so good. Unlike the Champions League match, it was a determined team that surrounded the rival, dynamic, but with fewer chances and goals than its dominance deserved. In any case, the team’s football gave Ancelotti clues for some questions. The first is that Camavinga has won the midfield position from Tchouameni no matter what. On Wednesday he put Kroos there, but it is clear that he is the best Madrid player to play in that area, due to physical display and personality. In the first forty minutes he shot at goal five times, without success, but without stopping. If Camavinga is accompanied by a tougher Valverde, Madrid looks different. The Uruguayan ended up tired and the team noticed that in the second half, but before that all the danger came from his area. For the remainder of the season, there is little doubt that the best Valverde, the one who makes the rest better and helps the most, is the one who can get out of control in attack. He even tried his shot, although he didn’t reach the goal. He is really missing his goals.

In the second half the game opened up more, with Celta wanting to have a life that their heartbeat denied. Madrid had a hard time closing the game and that was the only emotion of the night. Then Rüdiger arrived to restore order, Celta scored the third to confirm that he was not there for anything and Güler finally made his debut dribbling past the goalkeeper. A goal from a fine player.