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Rats are cleaning the house every night!

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Retired postman Rodney Holbrook is a keen photographer. However, he never thought that he would have to make such a video. Holbrook recently released a video of a strange incident that happened to him. Seeing that video, the net world is amazed.

According to BBC and CNN reports, Holbrook would wake up every morning to find someone tidying up his work area during the night. He then attached a night vision camera to the workbench. And this is the amazing scene.

In the video recorded on the camera, a rat can be seen dragging all the items into a box by its mouth. That means a rat helping Holbrook! The little creature fills a box every night with various scraps scattered around the workplace. Holbrook then named this mouse the Welsh Tidy Mouse.

75-year-old Rodney Holbrook, a resident of Bilth Wells, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom, said the rat has been cleaning his house like this for two months.

“The first thing I noticed was that someone was putting some of the bird food in some old shoes in the shed,” Holbrook said. So I set up a camera. I see the rat carrying a screwdriver, nail and piece of wire in its mouth and stuffing it into a box about the same height as itself.’

He also said, ’99 out of 100 times, the rat does the house cleaning. It is incredible that the mouse is keeping everything in place. I think he is enjoying the job very much.’

“I don’t have to clean my house anymore,” Holbrock said. I put my stuff out of the box, Tidy puts it back in its place in the morning.’

While in Bristol in 2019, a friend brought a night camera to fix, Holbrock said, noting that he had seen mice infesting the house before. In the video recorded on the camera, a rat can be seen taking things from his friend’s table into a box.


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