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Rape case trial against Dani Alves begins

by Afonso
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Brazilian footballer Dani Alves has been in jail for a year for sexually assaulting a young woman. The former Barcelona footballer has claimed from the beginning that he did nothing wrong. However, he was never granted bail due to the confusion caused by his repeated statements.

The hearing of this case has started in a court of Barcelona on Monday and will continue until Wednesday. Government lawyers have demanded that Alvez be sentenced to at least nine years in prison if the sexual assault charges are proven.

On the eve of December 31, 2022, Alves was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in a night club in Barcelona. Although he initially denied any sexual relationship, he later admitted that the two had consensual sex. He had to go to jail in January last year in this case. The court did not grant the bail application several times.

Alves’s nine-year sentence, along with a conditional release for the next ten years, has been requested by government lawyers. Apart from this, they have also offered a compensation of one and a half million euros to the victim women.

According to the lawsuit, Alves went to Barcelona on vacation after playing for Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar. There the young lady and her friend were offered champagne. Then the Brazilian footballer invited the young woman to a small room in the nightclub. The girl claimed that she did not know that it was a toilet.

The accused girl also claimed that she saw Alves’ aggressive behavior when she entered. Alves forced her to have sex against her consent. “The victim wanted to leave several times,” the complaint said. But the accused forcibly restrained him.’

According to the lawyer of the government, after the incident at the night club, the young victim received the necessary medical treatment. Even after such a long time, he could not cope with the shock of such an unexpected event. He is still undergoing treatment for the trauma.

Alves was arrested on January 20 last year after the night club incident. At that time, the police investigation, the complainant’s statement, the witness everything went against Alves. After hearing everything, the Spanish court ordered the Brazilian footballer to be jailed in August last year.

The CCTV footage of the night club was presented before the court by the defense lawyers to avoid the case. They even go to great lengths to disprove the statements of the victim women and witnesses. But it was of no use. The court also rejected Alvez’s bail application.

The judge feared Alves could flee to Brazil after getting bail. Later, the former Barca star also requested to deposit his passport and wear a tracking device for bail. But the court did not grant that claim of Alves.

It should be noted that Brazil does not extradite citizens convicted in courts of other countries. That is why Robinho did not have to be punished even after being jailed in the rape case in Italy. The court rejected Alves’ bail after fearing that he may not return to Spain once he returns to Brazil.


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