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Ranveer Singh is the source of laughter

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Maldives has been at the center of discussion in India for a few days now. This scandal started with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep. The island is a union territory of India. He went there to promote Indian tourism. After that, some Maldivian politicians mocked him on social media. Various exercises started on the equation of relations between Maldives and India. Then Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Shraddha Kapoor and many others stood by Narendra Modi on social media. Ranveer Singh is no exception. However, while promoting Indian tourism, he made a mistake, which became a source of laughter on social media.

Boycott Maldives is trending among Indian netizens. From Bollywood stars to cricketers, everyone says in one word, the destination should be Lakshadweep, India, not Maldives.

Ranveer Singh also went on to say the same. Sharing a picture on social media, the actor wrote, ‘Let’s visit India in 2024 and understand our culture. Come on India, we have a lot to see in this country and beaches. Let’s see India.’ Hashtag added Explore Indian Islands. But the picture shared by the actor was wrong.

Instead of Lakshadweep, Ranveer shared pictures of Maldives. Deleted almost immediately. But did not escape from the hands of trolls. Netizens began to say, ‘You can’t even copy and paste!’ Laughing emoji is also given in Ranveer’s tweet.

What netizens are saying to Ranveer.  Photo: Taken from X

Incidentally, even though the accused ministers of Maldives have been dismissed in this incident, the anger of Indian netizens is still burning like a fire! Bollywood stars are also angry. Stars like Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, John Abraham, Shraddha Kapoor have not only protested against the controversial comments of the Maldivian leader-minister, but have also started promoting Indian tourism.


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