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Ramek Hospital doctors are struggling under the pressure of patients

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Rangpur Medical College Hospital authorities are struggling to handle the pressure of patients. Against 1000 beds, 2 to 2500 patients are being admitted. Many are taking treatment on the floor without getting a bed. Doctors-nurses have to get speed to provide services.

Rangpur Medical College Hospital is one of the major medical centers in the northern region. The hospital now has one thousand beds. However, more patients are treated.

According to the hospital data, an average of two to two and a half thousand patients are being admitted in different wards every day. Many patients have to take treatment on the floor and balcony as there are not enough beds.

Relatives of hospitalized patients say that there is no bed in the hospital, there is no space in the balcony, the patient is getting sicker due to the stench of garbage as the patient is lying near the stairs. Still need to get treatment.

Apart from this, there are allegations of negligence of nurses and doctors.

Authorities say they are struggling to provide services due to the shortage of beds. However, the director of the institution informed about the initiative to increase the scope of the hospital.

Director of Rangpur Medical College Hospital. Yunus Ali said, to solve the shortage of beds in the hospital, the five-storey building will be built up to ten floors. Apart from this, the building of the burn unit is also supposed to be extended.

The journey of Rangpur Medical started in the sixties. Patients come from several surrounding districts to this hospital.


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