Home News Rajuk is getting tougher after the Bailey Road incident

Rajuk is getting tougher after the Bailey Road incident

Rajuk is getting tougher after the Bailey Road incident

Capital Development Authority-Rajuk has started working hard from today after the Bailey Road incident Apart from the design change, the company is looking at the loss whether other activities including restaurants are being conducted in that building with some kind of approval.

Chairman of the organization Anichur Rahman Mia told Independent Television after a meeting with officials at Rajuk Bhavan on Sunday.

Anichur Rahman said, “Since Sunday morning, several buildings violating design and policy have been identified by conducting raids in various areas including Dhanmondi, Baili Road, Gulshan of the capital.”

RAJUK Chairman said that the eviction operation will be carried out in stages from Monday A tough stance is being taken against buildings that get permission through other agencies despite not having royal approval. He called on the concerned agencies to be more aware about granting permission to restaurants.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Abdul Ahad, a member of Rajuk’s Development Control Department, confirmed the matter to Independent Television that there was no permit for restaurant business in the Green Cozy Cottage that caught fire on Bailey Road in the capital.

Last Thursday night, 46 people died in the incident of fire at Green Cozy Cottage on Bailey Road in the capital. 75 people were rescued alive. The building was stocked with huge gas cylinders and had no fire fighting system. In that incident today, 11 out of 14 people under treatment at Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute have been discharged from the hospital. 3 people are still hospitalized. Meanwhile, the fire service has already made a 5-member investigation committee in this incident. Besides, three people have been arrested in this incident. Two of them already had breathing problems.

Meanwhile, the bodies of 44 of the 46 people killed in the accident have been handed over. The bodies of the remaining 2 are awaiting handover. Their bodies are at Dhaka Medical Morgue for post-mortem and DNA test. However, no claimant of the deceased has been found yet.