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Rajtwa Keem from Bandar Khalasi, Musharraf Karim in new series

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‘Khalas’ is a complex and intriguing story of dreams and ambitions. Where an insatiable appetite for power is conceivable. Shahjalal is a mysterious man. Even though he works as a janitor by profession, he is very pleasant in his life. What an invisible force, for some reason or other, his calls were received from the apologetics of the port area. Get news in advance of any natural disasters or murders on the coast. How he can perceive these events is a mystery. Khalasi Shahjalal’s name is becoming prominent in the bloody game of power and money politics in the port area. ‘Khalas’ is the story of the struggle to establish Ram’s rule in the estuary of three rivers in water, on land, in Elisha, and in people.

The web series is jointly directed by KM Naim and Mahi Islam Mitul. While shooting in Majhapadma, the entire team had to fall under the influence of Kalbaisakhi storm. As the story involves the catching of hilsa, despite the bad weather, the shooting was done on ships and speedboats in the middle of Padma at the risk of life, they said.

The two directors also said that ‘Khalas’ is the biggest budget web series in Bangladesh so far. It has been shot in Daudkandi, Ghazaria, Chandpur, Mongla and Chittagong by arranging real sets in different locations. The directors comment, ‘The series depicts the underworld in Bangladesh against the backdrop of a free nation. Audiences will witness a gripping gangster thriller, exploring the universal battle of good versus evil.’

Actor Musharraf Karim will be seen as Shahjalal in the series. The character takes on the spirit of a wounded husband with the intention of embodying the gangster’s greed and power. Other roles include Lutfar Rahman George, Ahmed Rubel, Amaya Noor, Ujjal Kabir Himu and others. The screenplay and story of this series is written by the producer Mahmud Didar.

Ahmed Rubel at the top of the series.  Photo: Courtesy of the manufacturer

When will it be released in OTT? When asked, the producer duo said that the post production work is almost at the end. Sound design is currently in progress. The series will be released in Bengali as well as Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam languages. The poster look will arrive in the first week of January, when the name of the streaming platform will be revealed.

It is known that there are 9 episodes in the first season. The duration of each episode is 45 minutes. The series is produced by Red Carpet.


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