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Rain forecast for 3 consecutive days

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People’s life disrupted by cold, dense fog and frosty air in Konkan across the country. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Office is predicting rain for three days from today. Because of this, the severity of winter may increase. As the cold weather increases, it is the working people of the north who suffer the most.

Winter in Konkan, with thick fog. For more than a week, public life has been affected by the winter in most districts including the capital. The working people of different districts are in the most trouble.

Day laborers say that it is difficult to go to work in the morning due to extreme cold. So the income is less. They are not able to sleep properly at night due to lack of warm clothes.

The sufferings of the destitute and destitute have increased during the Magh winter. Due to the outbreak of various cold-related diseases, the number of patients in the hospital is increasing. Most of the sick are elderly and children.

Relatives of the patient who came to the hospital for treatment say that the fever and cold are still there in severe winter. I have to go out to work this winter because of my stomach. Can’t even sit at home.

As the sky is cloudy, the sun is not seen until late afternoon. The Meteorological Office says that at least 40 districts including Jessore, Kushtia, Khulna, Pabna may receive light to moderate rain for the next three days.

Meteorologist Abdur Rahman told Independent Television that there is a possibility of rain in several districts of the country on the 17th, 18th and 19th as the clouds have thickened in the sky. During this time the day and night temperature will increase. However, the temperature is likely to drop again after 20th.

Meteorologist Abdur Rahman also said that a mild cold current is blowing in the northern districts of the country. Srimangal in Sylhet recorded the minimum temperature of 9.7 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. And 13.8 degrees Celsius in Dhaka. But people are feeling colder rather than lower temperatures.


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