Home News Railway trade unionists ended a series of protests with a rally in Bratislava

Railway trade unionists ended a series of protests with a rally in Bratislava

Railway trade unionists ended a series of protests with a rally in Bratislava

With a public meeting in Bratislava, railway workers ended a series of protests, with which they tried to point out the low quality of railway transport, outdated railways, lack of employees or poor financial evaluation. They are going to submit an invitation to the government, the Ministry of Finance and Transport for joint negotiations and a solution to the state of the railway infrastructure.

“Today we will close the protest meetings and we will go to deliver a call to the government office, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport, where we will ask them to initiate joint negotiations and find a way to solve this problem,” said František, the chairman of the Union of Railway Workers, on Tuesday before the public meeting. Zaparanik.

Trade unionists see the failure of the state in transport policy and its financing system behind the current bad state in the railway sector. They are asking the state for systemic financing of the railway sector, better working conditions, social security, or fair wage evaluation for all employees, comparable to the evaluation of railway workers in the European Union.


According to Zaparanik, the railway trade unionists will continue collective bargaining with the Slovakian Railway Company and the Railways of the Slovak Republic. For now, they will not continue in public meetings and will wait for the result of collective bargaining, added the chairman of the railway trade unions.

The president of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Monika Uhlerová, also came to support the railway workers at the Bratislava protest. “You are not only fighting for better working conditions, you are essentially fighting for the improvement of the entire railway sector. The railways clearly need massive investments in order to catch up and balance the technological development and technological progress in this sector,” said Uhlerová, adding that it is necessary to improve the employment environment and raise wages. However, according to her, this will not happen without technological development, modernization and digitization.

The series of protests started on March 5 with a public meeting in Košice, the railway workers then continued with meetings in Žilina and Zvolen. The Ministry of Transport already stated after the Košice meeting that it respects the position of the railway workers and considers their reservations to be justified. The Railways of the Slovak Republic and Železničná spoločnost Slovensko also reacted to the protests in a similar spirit, which, according to them, perceive the problems of the railway workers and are trying to solve them.

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