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RAB has strict security around the World Ijtema

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Even if there is no specific threat of sabotage at the World Ijtema, RAB has completed all kinds of preparations including strict security to deal with any situation. Director General M Khurshid Hossain said this after visiting Vishwa Ijtema Maidan in Tongi, Gazipur on Wednesday morning.

At that time RAB Director General said that there is no danger of any kind of militant attack on Ijtema. For this reason online surveillance has also been kept. The RAB Director General said that they have talked to the counselors about this so that no untoward incident happens with the two sides of Ijtema.

Khurshid Hossain also said that the incident of harassment of foreign guests last year is being monitored. The Director General also said that if anyone deliberately destroys anything while the first party is explaining the Ijtema Maidan to the second party, strict legal action will be taken against them.

Besides, RAB will work on water, land and air security during Ijtema. M Khurshid Hossain also said that the security system has been strengthened in coordination with all the forces.

The first phase of this World Ijtema will start from next Friday. By now almost all the preparations are over. Devotees are starting to come from different parts of the country. The first part of the program will end with the last prayer on Sunday. After a break of four days, the second phase of Ijtema will start from February 9.


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