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Question about the reinstatement of Ishtiaq’s candidacy in Feni-3 seat

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After canceling the nomination, there is a question about the return of the candidature of Ishtiaq Saikat, an independent candidate of Feni-3 seat. The question arises of filing two writs in the High Court on the same subject to get back the candidature.

Ishtiaq Ahmed Saikat is the central Jubo League leader and the nominated candidate for the boat in Feni-3 seat and the son of former Jubo League presidium member Abul Bashar.

He filed two writs in the High Court to recall the candidature. It cannot be done as per rules.

Abul Bashar and his son Ishtiaq Ahmed Saikat collected nomination papers from Feni-3 (Sonagazi-Dagonbhuana) constituency in the 12th National Parliament Election. Abul Bashar was nominated by Awami League but later withdrew due to seat compromise. On the other hand Saikat became an independent candidate. But the Election Commission (EC) canceled his nomination papers due to a discrepancy in the signatures of one percent of the voters.

Meanwhile, Saikat filed two writs in the High Court challenging the commission’s decision. His writ numbers are 16544/23 and 16545/23. The petition was raised in two benches of the High Court constituted to hear two election matters. Writ No. 16545 was dismissed as not raised by a bench headed by Justice Iqbal Kabir.

Then on December 21, the writ number 16544 was raised in the bench led by Justice Abu Taher Saifur Rahman. The bench ruled by suspending the decision of the EC after the hearing. As a result, it is said that there is no more obstacle in his participation in the election.

Meanwhile, EC’s lawyer Shahjahan Saju said that this matter has already been brought to the attention of the High Court. He said, ‘filing two writs on the same matter is considered cheating on the court. We are taking the initiative to cancel his candidature.


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