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Quarrel over TikTok video, sister shot dead

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A teenager was shot dead by her sister after an argument while making a TikTok video. Such an incident happened in Gujarat district of Punjab, Pakistan. This information was given in the report of Pakistan-based media ARY News.

It is said that Saba Afzal and Maria Afzal got into a fight while making videos for the social media platform TikTok. At one point, 14-year-old Saba Afzal shot and killed her sister. A case has been filed against the girl in Saddar police station.

Earlier this month, three young men lost their lives in a road accident in Pakistan’s Sheikhupura while filming a video for TikTok. Recently, Jamia Binnuria, a famous religious institution in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan’s Sindh province, issued a fatwa calling TikTok the biggest temptation of the present era as ‘illegal’ and ‘haram’.

According to a report by Pakistan-based media Dawn, TikTok is creating an increasing risk of fitna (disorder or seduction) among the younger generation. Therefore, according to Islamic Sharia, the use of TikTok is called ‘illegal’ and ‘haram’. This educational institution of Pakistan gave the fatwa citing ten reasons behind this decision. These include—This app displays images and videos that are prohibited by Islamic Sharia.


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