Home News Qantas inflight food photo sparks outrage online

Qantas inflight food photo sparks outrage online

Qantas inflight food photo sparks outrage online

Qantas inflight meal photo sparks outrage online – NZ Herald

“Other than the beans, it’s not recognizable as human food,” wrote one, while another said it looked too much like dog food.

“Looks like someone ate it before you did,” wrote one, while another described it as a “stomach in a box.”

One commenter claimed they were currently in a public hospital and their food was “more beautiful” than the pictures.

In the air, but to many people, the presentation was not that important.

“Looks don’t matter as long as they taste great,” wrote one, while another wondered what that could be.

“It looks like shepherd’s pie. It’s not a meal that’s visually appealing once it’s removed from its original container, but a delicious comfort food that can be made in large batches.

Fortunately, according to the traveler, the food “didn’t taste as good as it looked.” Since the flight was “some time ago”, they couldn’t remember if they had mixed it before or if it was presented that way.

News.com.au reports that a spokesperson for the airline said it was “incredibly disappointed” with Qantas’ meal offering.

“We pride ourselves on providing delightful dining experiences, and this falls well short of our high standards,” they said.

Qantas’ in-flight meals have already faced criticism this year.

In January, another traveler posted a photo of the breakfast on the Qantas subreddit.

“All I can say with my recent experience is EW,” they wrote alongside a photo of a box of scrambled eggs, sausage and tomatoes.

However, as with the most recent complaint, some said the presentation was not necessary.

“I would eat food. It doesn’t look great, but it tastes good,” one person wrote, adding that “they don’t expect much from the cattle class.”

Of course, there are also posts on the Qantas Reddit thread from people who describe premium and business class meals better.