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Putin vows to continue aid to Gaza

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to continue sending humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Gaza Strip. He made this promise during a phone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

According to the Russian state news agency Taser, the Qatar-based newspaper Al-Jazeera says that Putin expressed his concern over the phone about the Israeli attack on Gaza. However, Putin promised that Moscow will continue all efforts to stop this attack.

At that time, Putin said that Russia will provide all necessary assistance to Gaza. This will include medicines and various medical supplies.

Meanwhile, despite a long discussion on the issue of extending the scope of humanitarian aid to Gaza on Thursday, no agreement was reached at the United Nations. Voting was later postponed till Friday. The United States agreed to vote in favor of the resolution on Friday. The country did not veto this time. For this reason, it is believed that the proposal can be passed in the vote. As of the latest news, voting has not yet taken place.

The draft resolution presented by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) calls for an urgent ceasefire and sustained measures to end the conflict to allow for safe and uninterrupted access of humanitarian aid.

Efforts to negotiate the release of hostages in Egypt collapsed on Thursday. Hamas has made it clear that there will be no compromise on the release of hostages until Israel’s aggression in Gaza ends. As always, Israel has rejected offers of a permanent ceasefire. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the war will continue until victory is assured.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army ordered to evacuate at least 20 percent of Gaza Khan Yunis. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out intense attacks on Khan Yunis, Rafah, Nusseira overnight. They claim to have found a cache of Hamas weapons in a school in Gaza.

Wartime mapping experts say two-thirds of northern Gaza and a quarter of southern Gaza have been destroyed by Israeli strikes, according to wartime maps. Meanwhile, Israel lost at least 150 soldiers in the ground campaign. The number of injured is more than 750.

Israel continues to attack the besieged West Bank. The intensity of attacks increased in Jenin, Nablus. Israeli forces have detained more than 4500 Palestinians since October 7. So far 20 thousand 57 people have died in the Israeli aggression. 2,000 Palestinians have been killed in just one month.


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