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Putin called Biden’s claim ‘nonsense’

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US President Joe Biden said that Russia may attack NATO unnecessarily in the future. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has completely rejected this claim of Biden, saying that it is completely ‘nonsense’ comment. Attacking NATO is against Russia’s interests. Russia will never do such a thing.

Qatar-based media Al Jazeera reported that Putin said these things in an interview on Russian state television on Sunday.

A few weeks ago, US President Joe Biden said, ‘If Putin wins the war in Ukraine, he will become more bold and attack NATO and start World War III.’ In view of Biden’s statement, Putin said yesterday, ‘This is complete nonsense. Russia has no self-interest, no geopolitical interest, no economic, political or military interest in fighting NATO.’

The Russian president added that Biden was making such fear-mongering comments to justify his ‘wrong policy’ in the region.

In February last year, Russia launched a ‘military operation’ in neighboring Ukraine. Since then, relations between Russia and the United States have deteriorated to their worst level in decades.

The US has given Ukraine $111 billion in weapons, equipment and other aid to counter Russia in the past 22 months of war. Biden has already asked Congress to approve another $61.4 billion aid package for Ukraine. But Congress is no longer particularly interested in providing aid to Ukraine. Some Republican lawmakers blocked the aid package.

Meanwhile, in a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Biden said, ‘Putin is making fun of America for failing to send supplies to Ukraine. We must prove him wrong.’

Russia’s tension with Finland
Despite ruling out the possibility of a conflict with NATO, Russia’s tensions with NATO have increased since neighboring Finland joined NATO. Finland closed its eastern border with Russia last Friday. The country cited the ‘immigrant crisis at the border’ as the reason. Putin is very angry. He said Finland would respond by opening a military zone on its northwestern border.

Finland joined NATO as the 31st member last April. Then Putin said, ‘Recently we had no conflict with the West. By the middle of the 20th century, all disputes, including territorial ones, had long been resolved. But now they (the West) have pulled Finland into NATO. As a result, problems will arise from now on. We will create the Leningrad Military District and assemble a certain number of military units there.’


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