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Punishment by pouring hot oil on hands, 25 students burnt

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Teachers pour hot oil on the hands of one student as punishment. 25 students were burnt in this incident. Such an incident happened in a government school in Chhattisgarh, India.

According to the report of the United Arab Emirates-based media Gulf News, some students defecated outside the toilet after lunch last Friday at a school in the Makadi block of Kondagaon, a tribal area of ​​Chhattisgarh. Those students could not give any answer out of fear when asked questions later. The teachers were more angry in this incident. Later the students were made to stand in a line and hot oil was poured on the hands of one by one.

The parents protested demanding the punishment of the teachers accused in the incident. They complained that cooking oil was brought and poured on the hands of the students for the mid-day meal. During this incident, 70 students were present at the scene.

Local education officer Tahir Khan said that the district education department formed an investigation team as soon as the matter came to light. The team has started an investigation. They will report very soon. However, three teachers have been dismissed for now.


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