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Puffer fish draw patterns in the sea to attract female fish

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Male puffer fish draw patterns on the seabed to attract female fish. The pattern is twenty times larger than the smaller puffer fish. It takes at least a week to do this. Pufferfish can be seen trying to attract mates during breeding. Pufferfish select mates by looking at this spherical pattern.

According to a BBC Science Focus report, female puffers can tell the size of male fish by looking at the distance between the spots in the pattern. Seeing this, the female fish decides to mate with the male fish. The nest is built within the design.

The breeding season of puffer fish is from spring to summer every year. During this time a single male puffer tries to attract multiple female puffers. The female puffer lays her eggs in a nest in the structure of the sea floor. When the eggs are laid, the female puffer leaves the house. And the male fish waits for the eggs to hatch. When the eggs hatch, the baby fish also separate. A puffer fish learns to survive on its own without the presence of its parents.

Puffer fish are usually white with brown spots. There are about 100 species of this fish. Color and size vary by species. Pufferfish are as poisonous as they look.


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