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Proper parenting is necessary for the mental formation of the child

Proper parenting is necessary for the mental formation of the child

Parents are the first trusted people in the world for children. Parenting is the act of helping a child develop physically, mentally and emotionally as a parent.

A mother cares for her child more than anything else. So at this time, not only the father, but the whole family needs to take care that the mother lives in peace. Many times it is seen that many fathers sleep separately because of their child’s crying. It can’t be done. A quote by Prabodh Kumar Sanyal came to mind, ‘It is easy to give birth, but it is difficult to be a father.’

Now the question may come, the children of working mothers are victims of neglect? My professional experience says that children of housewife mothers suffer more than working people. Because our society wants to stay safe by putting all the responsibilities on the housewife. But does not calculate at all, if this work was done by a professional, how much money would he take? Now domestic workers also demand separate money for one or two jobs.

So, ‘Don’t earn, so don’t understand the value of money!’ Think twice from today before you say this to a housewife. Because he is there, all the responsibilities from sewing shoes to teaching Chandi are being put on his shoulders. But the society is reluctant to give him minimum respect and recognition. As a result, even if he is at home, he does not get much time to rest.

Research shows that children of working mothers are more independent. At the same time, father and mother return from work, but in most cases, the additional responsibility of the family, housework is imposed on the mother. Mother is the ten-faced Durga? He is managing both outside the house, yet the society tells him to quit his job. So if the child sees his mother disrespecting him from an early age, will he learn?

Again in many families it is taught that the head of the son’s house is high, the head of the girl’s house is low. Such families also fail to teach children dignity. If the mother is not taught to respect, the child will also develop personality deficiency. Napoleon did not say, ‘If you give me a good mother I will give you a good nation!’ But we will not disrespect the Good Mother because she is sometimes locked in the kitchen, and sometimes because she is working.

Children of different ages have different needs. Eg: Baby care for the first six months after birth is necessary for survival. If proper care is not taken at this time, then the tendency of drug addiction is seen in the future among these children.
If children between the ages of 6 and 18 months are allowed to grow properly, they will have an excellent future career path. Not only that, but when he becomes an adult in the future, he will consider his relationships safe.

When the baby is 6 to 18 months old, if marital tension makes the mother unstable during this period, the baby will be insecure and anxious about future relationships. Some of them will feel nervous and insecure, some will enter a shell that no one else can enter, and some will become extremely self-centered. At this time, even if the loved one raises his hand, that hand is not caught. So take care of the mother for the sake of the child.

When children are between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, the power to think develops. If the mental development of the child is damaged during this time, the child will have difficulty in making decisions in new situations in the future.

3 to 6 years is the time when a child’s sense of self is formed. 6 to 12 years is the time when children develop skills. The next 12 to 19 years are a time of assimilating what he learned in childhood and building social skills.

Author: Physician, Counselor, Psychotherapy Practitioner, Phoenix Wellness Center, Bangladesh