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Promises to end violence against women remained hollow

by Afonso
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The widely publicized promise and call in this country is to stop violence against women; Everyone should come forward to stop violence against women etc. But the reality is that every year violence against women surpasses the previous year. This year is no exception. Although there is a law to prevent violence against women in this country, there is no benefit. There have been incidents of violence against women in various ways throughout the year. Some of these incidents are coming to the media. Many events remain hidden.

Like last year, nothing exceptional happened this year. Almost every day of the year, women have been subjected to violence at some point or another. This year too, the state, society and family have uttered hollow bullies for women. Throughout the year, reports of violence against women have come from different parts of the country. These events do not touch the society, the state. So the culture of impunity causes the perpetrators to walk in front of the victim with puffed chests.

At the beginning of the year; Means, in the news published in various daily newspapers in January, the case of sexual abuse of female students by the headmaster of Kapasgola City Corporation Girls High School in Chittagong metropolis is known. In addition, in February, the vice-president of the Islamic University (EB) branch of the Kushtia district Chhatra League and his associates physically and mentally abused a fresh student and recorded a video of the abuse. In May, a resident student of Jagannath University (JUB) Begum Fazilatunnessa Mujeeb was detained for three hours and physically and mentally tortured.

Based on the news published in various daily newspapers this year, it is known that housewives’ hair has been cut publicly in different places, women have been tortured in medieval style by tying them to trees. As happened in Baghjhapa village of Gopalganj district, Dumki upazila of Patuakhali district and many other places. This year in different parts of the country, including the capital, housewives were set on fire by pouring kerosene and petrol, torture for dowry demands, brutal flogging and stoning of women due to illegal arbitration, schoolgirls hacked to death by scoundrels, college girls hacked to death by tutors, housewives tied and burned in their houses. , mother and daughter strangulation, husband hacking his wife to death with a spade, burning after rape and attempted murder are widely discussed.

Violence against women in the country has now become so casual that it is not easily discussed unless its level of horror is high. Sudhijans also do not look back.

According to the November human rights report given by the human rights organization Human Rights Culture Foundation (MSF), there have been 44 cases of punishment of women in extrajudicial and legal arbitration this year. 13 cases of rape, 11 cases of attempted rape and 5 cases of extra-marital affairs are among the cases of extrajudicial punishment. Apart from this, there have been 1 cases of solitary confinement against Hilla marriage decision, 2 uncharacteristic slanders, 1 arbitration due to love, 2 sexual harassment, 2 thefts, 2 cases of solitary confinement against social customs, 2 family disputes, 2 murders, 1 arbitration of marriage with rape accused.

In many cases, the role of the administration was indifferent. In the end, many are unable to survive in the society and commit suicide. This year such incidents have occurred in various districts including Pabna, Habiganj, Narayanganj, Jessore, Tangail. According to a statistic of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, 225 people committed suicide this year (January-November).

Just what suicide? This year, women have been subjected to thousands of tortures inside and outside the house. Based on the news published in 12 national dailies, a statistic of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad shows that this year (January-November) there were 425 rape victims, 122 gang rape victims, 76 murders after rape, 13 suicides due to rape, and 94 attempted rapes. Of the people, 146 victims of sexual assault, 79 victims of molestation, 15 victims of burns, 48 ​​victims of dowry murder, 223 victims of physical violence, 225 victims of suicide due to various reasons, 126 victims of kidnapping, 44 victims of attempted child marriage. , 33 attempted kidnappings, 40 victims of cybercrime. In all, a total of 2,575 women were victims of violence during this period.

Another incident of violence against women has come to the fore in the past year. Along with rape, there were many incidents of gang rape. When you open the news page every day, you can see sexual harassment and violence, rape and murder, family violence, video recording during rape, later spreading that video online, violence against women including torture for dowry.

After hundreds of incidents throughout the year, no action has been taken by the administration in many cases. In many cases, the issue of whether or not to take a case to the police station has come up for discussion. The indifference of the administration and favoring of the accused in some cases has created more insecurity among women. This insecurity is gradually increasing among the concerned students especially due to torture in various educational institutions.

It is now December. And after three months, March 8 will be celebrated as ‘International Women’s Day’. Everything about women’s achievements and rights will be discussed on that day. It is very much a discussion of rules. There will also be talk of equality between men and women. As every year, the commitment to create women friendly policies and systems will come forward, as it does every year. But there is no relief from the increasing statistics of women’s violence year after year. Not only time will tell whether this cycle will finally come out or not, the administration and society’s activism against it will tell.


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