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Production date 11 days after making the product, fine the bakery

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The mobile court has fined a company called Modern Bakery in Comilla city Tk 25 thousand for manufacturing and selling products with advance expiry date without taking the approval of BSTI. The operation was conducted by the Deputy Commissioner and BSTI on Wednesday based on secret information.

During the raid, all the products made in the bakery were seized and destroyed.

Executive Magistrate of Mobile Court Atish Sarkar said, ‘The bakery was selling baby food and other food in different areas of Comilla city. The product manufactured on December 20 was packaged for sale with a production date of January 1. Next to the toilet, bread biscuits were being leavened. Besides, they are fined by conducting mobile courts as they produce food in very unhygienic and unhygienic environment.’

The executive magistrate further said, ‘The bakery was selling food products using the regulatory body’s seal despite not having BSTI approval. They are directed to get BSTI approval and fulfill all conditions within one month. Otherwise the institution has been warned that it will be sealed.

The mobile court was attended by representatives of BSTI and members of law enforcement.


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