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Prime Minister’s order to take measures to appoint government vacancies

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered to take measures to fill government vacancies. He gave this order in the first cabinet meeting of the new government. Sheikh Hasina presided over the meeting held at the Prime Minister’s office.

Later, the Cabinet Secretary presented the details of the meeting in the secretariat. Mahbub Hossain. He said, “The prime minister has ordered to take measures to appoint the vacant posts in the government.”

The cabinet secretary said, ‘You know that an election manifesto was given by Awami League before the election. He instructed all the concerned ministries to take action plans based on the relevant issues in the manifesto. And he gave instructions for monitoring the implementation of that action plan.’

Md. Mahbub Hossain said, ‘He spoke about agricultural production. He asked to ensure that the agricultural production is not disrupted in any way and at the same time, he ordered to create more agricultural conservation archives which have already been created.

Giving the instructions of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary said, ‘We know about the four pillars for Smart Bangladesh. Based on these four pillars – Smart Citizen, Smart Government, Smart Economy and Smart People – all the ministries have been asked to plan and implement the part that the ministry is involved in.

Stating that the Prime Minister will have zero tolerance in the case of corruption, he said, ‘He has talked about transparency and accountability in government procurement and has said that he will have zero tolerance against corruption. And he has given instructions to all concerned ministries to follow the same policy.’

The Cabinet Secretary said, ‘Another thing he said is that he has ordered to finish the projects which are almost at the end stage. Before taking up a new project, he asked to check how it would benefit the people and check the feasibility so that the project is formulated and the project is implemented.’


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