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Prime Minister asked for more cooperation from China

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Terming China as one of Bangladesh’s biggest development and strategic partners, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sought more cooperation from Beijing to smooth the country’s development progress.

Sheikh Hasina sought this cooperation when Vice-Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Sun Haiyan paid a courtesy call on the Prime Minister’s official residence Ganabhaban this morning.

At this time, he said, “China can cooperate more than in the past to smooth our development progress.”

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister’s speechwriter M. Nazrul Islam briefed the journalists about this. President Xi Jinping congratulated Sheikh Hasina on her re-election as Prime Minister Sun Haiyan.

He said that because of the struggle to change the destiny of the countrymen and love and compassion for the Bangladeshi people, Xi Jingping was sure of the re-election of the Prime Minister.

Sun Haiyan also said, “Xi was sure of Sheikh Hasina’s re-election as Prime Minister because of her patriotism towards the country and people and her commitment to change the people’s destiny.”

The Chinese Vice Minister congratulated Sheikh Hasina on her re-election as Prime Minister on behalf of the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China (CPC).

In addition, San Haiyan congratulated Saima Wazed, the only daughter of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, on her election as the Regional Director of the World Health Organization.

He hopes, ‘Saima Wazed will play a major role in controlling autism worldwide.’

San Saiyan expressed hope that the prime minister’s activities in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh will continue and the work of transforming the country into a prosperous and developed country will continue at a fast pace.

In this context, the Chinese Deputy Minister mentioned his multiple visits to Bangladesh since 1991.

He said, ‘During this time I have witnessed the unprecedented and incredible development of Bangladesh and the efforts to improve the quality of life of the countrymen.’

In response, the Prime Minister said that there has been massive development because he has successfully instilled confidence in the countrymen that ‘we can do it’.

The Prime Minister also credited the continuity of the government for a long time and said that the continuity of the government has helped in the implementation of the socio-economic development plan of Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina advised San Haiyan to visit rural areas to see ‘real change’ in Bangladesh.

The Chinese vice minister also emphasized the need to increase cooperation between China and Bangladesh.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said that the government is working tirelessly to complete the unfinished works of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and now is the time to change the destiny of the countrymen by giving them a better life. For this, he sought China’s cooperation.

The Chinese Vice Minister emphasized on strengthening the relationship between the Communist Party of China and the Bangladesh Awami League by increasing the developmental programs.

Ambassador at-large m. Ziauddin and the Chief Secretary of the Prime Minister M. Tofajzel Hossain was present at this time.


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