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Priced at a modest dollar

by Afonso
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The price of the dollar is falling again in the country’s market in the space of two weeks. Banks have decided to reduce the price of the dollar by 25 paisa in expatriate and export earnings. The new decision will be effective from next Sunday.

Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers Association (BAFEDA) and Association of Bankers Bangladesh (ABB) took this decision in a meeting on Wednesday night.

According to the decision, the price of the dollar to buy expatriate and export earnings will be a maximum of 109 taka 50 paisa. What used to be 109 taka 75 paise. And to meet the import liability, the price of the dollar can be taken as 110 taka.

Which was earlier 110 taka 25 paisa. In addition to the 2.5 percent incentive of the government in the case of expatriate income, the banks can give the same amount of incentive.

As a result, remittance of expatriate income will get a maximum of 115 rupees per dollar. BAFEDA and ABB have been fixing the dollar exchange rate from time to time depending on the supply and demand of dollars.

Earlier, Buffeta and ABB cut the dollar price twice last month. On November 28, a reduction of 25 paisa per dollar was fixed to 109 taka 75 paisa on exports and remittances and 110 taka 25 paisa on imports. Which is effective from 3 December.


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