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Press conference against the boat candidate for threatening

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Kazi Selina Islam, a candidate for independent eagle bird symbol, held a press conference on allegations of threats against Advocate Nooruddin Chowdhury Nayan, candidate for boat symbol of Laxmipur-2 seat. Meanwhile, the independent candidate accused the supporters of the eagle symbol of attacking, vandalizing, burning the houses of the agents and threatening to leave the area.

Kazi Selina Islam, MP of independent candidate reserved seat, made this complaint in a press conference at Lakshmipur Press Club on Tuesday evening.

At that time, he complained, ‘On the orders of Awami League candidate Nooruddin Chowdhury, Chhatra League leaders and activists picked up several supporters of the independent candidate and detained them at Nayan’s house. Later, he left such threats not to participate in voting or campaigning on behalf of the independent candidate. Besides, the supporters of the boat candidate also tried to vandalize the campaign microphone and occupy the election office. Now there is fear among the supporters of independent candidates. He demanded the Election Commission to keep the electoral environment healthy.

The independent candidate of Lakshmipur-2 constituency also said, ‘Her husband, former MP of Lakshmipur-2 constituency, Kazi Shahid Islam Papul, is a victim of domestic and foreign conspiracies. When Kazi Shahid Islam Papul was MP, he was dismissed as personal assistant for forging the signature of Adnan Chowdhury MP, brother of current Awami League advocate Nooruddin Chowdhury Nayan.’

After that, the conspiracy started. The conspiracy is still going on. No matter how many threats come, I will not leave the election field. I am in the field. I will stay in the field. The people of the area are with me. I participated in the election to complete the incomplete work of my husband former MP Kazi Shahid Islam Papul. He hopes to get 100% victory in this election. ‘

His chief election coordinator Sheikh Faizullah Shipon and other leaders and activists were present at the time.

Meanwhile, Awami League candidate for Laxmipur-2 constituency, Advocate Nuruddin Chowdhury Nayan, denied these allegations and said, “All the candidates are peacefully campaigning together.” He claimed that no people of the independent candidate Kazi Selina Islam were arrested or all the allegations including vandalizing the campaign microphone, burning the houses of the agents are baseless.


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