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President Bukele is also being re-elected in El Salvador

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Local time in the Central American country of El Salvador, voting for national elections was held on Sunday. President Naib Bukele is going to come back to power through this election. According to the news agency Reuters, it is believed that he will get a big victory this time.

42-year-old Bukele is going to make history through this. No president has been re-elected in the country’s 100-year history.

He declared war on these crimes in a country plagued by gang violence. 75 thousand criminals were arrested. This reduced the murder rate in El Salvador. A terrible country gradually comes to peace. Because of this, this book is a popular face for most of the people.

But analysts say that sending only 1 percent of people to prison does not mean that El Salvador has become a country of peace.

There are five more presidential candidates in this election. Among them are the leaders of the former left-wing guerrilla Farabundu Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) and the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA). Before 2019, these parties used to become president.

The preliminary results of the election revealed that, apart from these leaders, the people of El Salvador chose Buquele, who announced the fight against the gang culture. It will also make it easier to migrate to America.

Victor Lopez, a 65-year-old construction worker who came to vote at the center, said, ‘The changes that are coming in the country now are positive. This trend of change must be maintained. We have reduced crime here. The tourism sector is getting stronger. At this time, it will not be right to allow the country to go backward by voting for someone who is corrupt.’

However, this picture was seen in the survey before the election. It can be seen that the popularity of Arena and FMLN is in single digits. Because people have turned away from them because of all the previous corruption and irregularities.

Bukele is a smart leader in politics. The politician who was elected president in 2019 is quite active on social media. He is in regular contact with the leaders of various developed countries. He took one initiative after another to keep the wheels of the economy moving.

Since coming to power in 2019, Bukele has used his New Ideas party’s majority in parliament. He changed the structure of the government. He legalized Bitcoin. And for this reason, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has to fall under the fire.

El Salvador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal allowed Bukele to run for re-election last year due to his popularity. However, there is no such rule in the country’s constitution. The opposition is claiming that Bukele wants to stay in power of the country for life. Like Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, he is moving forward.

Human rights organizations say that El Salvador’s democracy is under threat. Bukele added to this fear. At one time he wrote on social media X, ‘the most peaceful dictator in the world’. Despite this, 80 percent of the people of the country are supporting him.

Bukele wrote on his account on social media X, ‘There is much more to be done. It will all happen one by one. Decades of neglect and looting will be transformed.’

Buckel’s biggest challenge after being elected this time will be the economy. They have the slowest economy in Central America. More than 25 percent of the country’s people are poor. After he came to power, poverty increased, private investment decreased. Whether Bitcoin came as a blessing—is yet to be seen.

IMF to give El Salvador $130 billion bailout. But due to various reasons it has been stopped.


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