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Presentation of the identity card of the Ambassador of Bangladesh to the President of Egypt

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Ambassador of Bangladesh Samina Naj recently presented credentials to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Ambassadors of 20 countries, including Bangladesh, handed over credentials at the Presentation of Credential Ceremony on December 17.

This information was informed in a press release sent last Tuesday from the Bangladesh Embassy in Cairo.

According to the notice, the ambassador was taken from Bangladesh House to the Presidential Palace in a special vehicle of the Presidential Palace early that morning. First, the two Chamberlains took the Bangladeshi ambassador to the garden of the Presidential Palace for the presentation ceremony. There the orchestra guard played the national anthem of Bangladesh and the ambassador was given a guard of honour.

The Bangladeshi ambassador was then taken to the Egyptian presidential chamber. There, Ambassador Samina Naz greeted the President with ‘Salam’ and introduced herself and handed over the identity card given by the President of Bangladesh. The President of Egypt shook hands with the Ambassador of Bangladesh. He said that he was happy to receive the identity card of the ambassador of Bangladesh.

President Sisi addressed Bangladesh as Egypt’s “sisterly country” and expressed hope that bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Egypt would improve further.

Expressing gratitude to the President of Egypt, Ambassador Samina Naj congratulated him as the President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The Ambassador said that he will work with utmost efforts to further the bilateral relations between the two countries. The Ambassador expressed strong hope that he will receive full support, encouragement and help from the President of Egypt during his tenure in Egypt.


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