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Prepaid gas meter fares have doubled by leaps and bounds

by Afonso
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The monthly rent of Titas gas residential prepaid meter has been increased from Tk 100 to Tk 200. This decision is said to be effective from January this year.

Titus Gas Authority said that according to the decision of the government, the monthly rent of residential pre-paid meters of all gas distribution companies under Petrobangla has been increased to Tk 200 from this January.
From July 2022, meter rent is Rs 100 per month. Before that this fare was 60 taka.

According to the special notice of Titus, considering the life of each pre-paid meter for 10 years, the cost of installation, web system, meter and server maintenance charges, etc., the price of each meter is Tk 25,000. Titus Gas Company arranged all these meters on loan. Titas said that the price is being adjusted by collecting monthly rent for the convenience of the customers instead of taking the whole price of the meter together.

The notification also informed that the government has already fixed the price of residential gas at Tk 18 per cubic meter for the convenience of customers. But, in 2023, the combined price of domestically produced gas and imported LNG is much higher than the average of Rs 18 per cubic meter. That is, the government has to pay subsidy against every cubic meter of gas in the residential sector.


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