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‘Pray marriage rumors come true’

by Afonso
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Small screen popular actress Moushumi Hamid is looking for a suitor for marriage. But recently it was said that this actress got married. However, no clear answer has been found about whom and when he married. Is this actress really married? Moushumi Hamid was contacted to find out.

He commented, ‘Please don’t listen to these rumours. I request everyone not to spread such rumours. If something happens, I will tell everyone. I am not a person to hide or run away from marriage.’
Moushumi Hamid said, ‘Look, marriage is an important thing in people’s lives. I will also get married. Seeing a pot from the family – this is known to many. I myself have spoken about the matter many times. It has been discussed for several years. If there is a discussion now, the marriage is no longer done. So I don’t like to talk about it now.’

Why suddenly your ‘marriage news’ has surfaced again? In response to such a question, the actress said, ‘I trust people a lot – maybe it’s my mistake. Marriage is being discussed at home. And I also discussed it a bit on the shooting set. Maybe people spread the rumor in a funny way.’

Rumors are about to come true? When asked, Moushumi Hamid said, ‘Until everything is finalised, nothing can be said before that. Pray that the rumor is true. Hopefully, I can give you a news in a few days.’


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