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Pramiti’s first original song in the world of music

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Pramithi grew up learning to learn music from childhood. Full name is Pramiti Karmakar. His music guru from Ajanavi Sangeet Academy. After completing the prescribed music course at a very young age, he was admitted as a student of Rabindra Department at Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts.

University life also takes place in the music department of Dhaka University. Completed graduation. Until now, he had been taking other artists’ songs and taking formal music lessons. Now he came to the world of music. His first original song ‘Kuasha Tomar’ was published.

The lyrics and voice of the song are of standard. Music directed by young music director Shobhan Roy. The tune is basically a combined effort of these two.

Shobhan Roy said, ‘This is the first work with Pramiti. If we move forward with the song, hopefully, we will get something good from him in the future.’

The song was released on Pramiti’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel last Tuesday. The entire song was filmed by a young cinematographer and editor named Abhijit Bhakta. He was assisted by Ashraful Rahman. This is the first music video work for Abhijeet.

Pramiti said, ‘The song was written and composed in October 2022. And the recording took place in the winter of last year. However, after completing the music arrangement and video recording and editing, the work was released in the winter of 2024. Remembering the story of fog, dew, pithapuli, and the sweet feeling of love in this song.’

Pramithi is currently working as a voice artist besides singing. He has worked for various organizations/brands as a freelance artist including Durant Television. Apart from this, he made his debut in a jingle last year. He was listed as Rabindra Sangeet on Bangladesh Television at the beginning of the new year.


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