Home News Poverty Could Spark Rebellion in Canada – Insider News

Poverty Could Spark Rebellion in Canada – Insider News

Poverty Could Spark Rebellion in Canada – Insider News

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police identified populism and the recession as risks to public order

Canada’s economic outlook is “behind the bleak” and may cause civil unrest in the next five years, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in a confidential report to the government in Ottawa.

With name “Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada,” the report was obtained following a legal request by Thompson Rivers University legal expert Matt Malone. AND “heavily redacted” version published National Post Office on Wednesday — though that, too, was quickly removed from the document-sharing site Scribd.

“Economic forecasts for the next five years and beyond are bleak,” with Canada’s current situation expected “likely to deteriorate further,” said an RCMP report cited by NP columnist Tristin Hopper.

“The coming period of recession … will accelerate the decline in living standards that younger generations have already witnessed compared to previous generations,” the report went on to add that many Canadians under the age of 35 “It’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to buy a place to live.”

Most Canadians say their country is ‘broken’ – survey

To corroborate the RCMP’s findings, Hopper pointed to the Royal Bank of Canada analysis from December, which marked the availability of housing as “Worst ever.” Only the wealthiest 25% of Canadians could even hope to buy a single-family home, while a condominium was completely out of reach for 55.5% of households.

Despite dire economic conditions, the RCMP is mainly to blame “disinformation,” “conspiracy theory” and “paranoia” for Canadians losing their illusions about their government.

'Conspiracy theorists' threaten mainstream media, Canadian PM says

“Law enforcement should expect continued social and political polarization fueled by disinformation campaigns and growing distrust of all democratic institutions,” the report said.

The RCMP has admitted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Covid-19 lockdown has damaged both Canada’s economy and the country’s social fabric, to the point that another pandemic response is likely to be widely rejected.

However, the author’s main concern seems to be the populists who allegedly benefited from social polarization and “conspiracy theory” on “tailoring their message to appeal to extremist movements.”

Faced with trucker protests against his government’s tough Covid-19 policies in January 2022, Trudeau infamously accused the protesters of extremism and declared a state of emergency. His government seized the bank accounts of several “Freedom Convoy” leaders and imprisoned others.

The nine-page RCMP report was marked secret, for distribution only within the organization and to “Referee” in the federal government. It was intended to be a “scanning exercise” which would look at trends in Canada and abroad “this could have a significant impact on the Canadian government and the RCMP.”

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