Home Sports Pooja Pandia made a temple in the dressing room

Pooja Pandia made a temple in the dressing room

Pooja Pandia made a temple in the dressing room

After just 10 days, the Indian franchise league IPL will begin. The teams have already started campaigning for the players. Following this, the team’s new captain Hardik Pandya joined Mumbai Indians. But Mumbai has chosen a unique way to welcome home boy.

Mumbai has built a temple in the dressing room to welcome the old warrior. Pandya entered there with team coach Mark Boucher. Boucher also embraced Indian culture. After Pandya, Boucher welcomed the new captain by cracking a coconut on the floor.

IPL debut for Mumbai Indians in 2015. By playing there till 2021, he made himself an integral part of the Indian team. When Mumbai released him in 2022, the newcomer joined Gujarat Titans as captain. Under his leadership, Gujarat won the title in the first season. Even in the last IPL under great leadership, Pandya took the team to the finals.

The old franchise Mumbai was impressed by such leadership qualities of the Indian all-rounder. Rohit Sharma has handled the leadership of the team for the last 10 seasons. During this time, Mumbai won the IPL title five times. However, despite Rohit being in the team, the franchise tried to pull Pandya into the team.

Pandya took advantage of the opportunity. He made it clear that he will return to Mumbai if he is made the captain. Mumbai agreed to Pandya’s tough conditions. Taking away the captaincy from Rohit, a successful captain of a decade, he put the burden on Pandya.

Pandya joined the Mumbai team for the first time yesterday after getting the captaincy. The franchise made special arrangements to mark the veteran’s homecoming. Special arrangements were made in the dressing room to welcome Hardik.

In a video shared by Mumbai Indians on social media X (formerly Twitter), Pandya can be seen entering the hotel wearing a Mumbai Hathakata jersey. He hugged everyone as soon as he entered. After that, Pandya took a seat in a corner of the dressing room with a picture of the deity in front of him and performed puja. Also light the lamp according to the custom.

Not just Pandya, Mumbai coach Mark Boucher was seen cracking a coconut on the floor to start the puja. In India there is a custom of cracking a coconut before any auspicious work. Boucher and Pandya then hugged each other. Sharing this video, Mumbai wrote in the caption, ‘Let’s start now.’