Home News Political scientist Mesežnikov: Korčok dramatized the presidential elections, he was able to convince hesitant voters

Political scientist Mesežnikov: Korčok dramatized the presidential elections, he was able to convince hesitant voters

Political scientist Mesežnikov: Korčok dramatized the presidential elections, he was able to convince hesitant voters

By winning the first round of the presidential elections in Slovakia, ex-foreign minister Ivan Korčok dramatized the upcoming decisive duel, in which he will compete for voters’ votes with the current favorite and Speaker of the Parliament Peter Pellegrini.

An unexpected lead by Korčok

The result of the second round of the direct election of the head of state on April 6 will be decided by the ability to mobilize voters and whether supporters of the third strongest candidate from Saturday’s election, Štefan Harabin, will come to vote for Pellegrini. Grigory Mesezhnikov, president of the non-governmental Institute for Public Affairs, told ČTK today.

“Korčok managed to convince hesitant voters in this plebiscite that if they have a problem with the development of the country after the current Prime Minister Robert Fico took power, then he is the best candidate who can stand against it. It still does not mean that he will win in the end,” he said Mesezhnikov.


He called the lead of Ivan Korčok, who won the first round with 42.51 percent of the votes ahead of Pellegrini, the leader of the government party Hlas-Social Democracy, as unexpected. This was supported by 37.02 percent of voters. According to him, Korčok, who is also supported by some opposition parties in the presidential elections, was helped by previous anti-government protests held as a sign of disagreement with the government’s actions and plans in the area of ​​criminal law or the strengthening of the state’s influence on public radio and television.

Diplomat Korčok is a supporter of liberal democracy, support for Ukraine defending itself against the Russian military invasion, and a critic of some of the decisions of the current government, which, for example, stopped military aid to Kyiv from the state reserves. Pellegrini is pushing for a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace negotiations.

Harabin’s radical views

Harabin, who was supported by 11.73 percent of voters on Saturday, has more radical views on foreign policy than the current government coalition. He spoke, for example, in favor of Slovakia’s withdrawal from NATO, and also in favor of stopping any financial aid and arms supplies even from private companies of Kyiv. He also claimed that Russia is not the aggressor in the conflict in Ukraine.

“In the second round of the presidential elections, an important factor will be the number of Harabin voters who come to vote. The overwhelming majority will support Pellegrini,” said Mesežnikov.


Harabin did not directly support Pellegrini after the first round of presidential elections. He said that his voters are nationally oriented and that their priority is to preserve national sovereignty and peace.

Mesezhnikov expects that Korčok’s critics will try to motivate voters with pro-Russian and slightly anti-Western messages and will also label the ex-foreign minister as the originator of conflicts and an “American agent”.

According to Mesežnikov, the decisive second round of the presidential elections will also be influenced by the voters of the numerous Hungarian minority. Their presidential candidate, Krisztián Forró, who previously opposed Korčok, won only 2.9 percent of the vote on Saturday. This means a weaker result than the representation of members of the Hungarian minority in the Slovak population.


Mesežinkov stated that Pellegrini will no longer be able to avoid Korčok in the further course of the campaign, as it would be considered a sign of weakness.

Before the first round of the presidential elections, Pellegrini was in two debates with Korčok, in only one of which only both candidates debated. Pellegrini also did not have his own pre-election meetings, as the speaker of the parliament he traveled more abroad or spoke at press conferences of his party’s ministers in the Slovak regions.

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