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Police-robber shootout in Munshiganj, 1 arrested

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In Gazaria of Munshiganj, during the preparation of robbery in the Meghna river, there was an exchange of fire between the robber and the police during the special operation of the police. At this time, Ghazaria police arrested Piyas Sarkar (35), the second-in-command of Nayan Bhani, the top terrorist and naval robber of Ghazaria.

He was arrested from the Meghna River in Guagachia Union of Ghazaria Upazila in a raid around 3 pm today on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the robbers fired several rounds and threw bricks at the police, injuring 3 policemen. Police have recovered a one-shot friend, 2 cartridges, 3 fresh cocktails and some indigenous weapons from the spot.

Arrested Piyas Sarkar (35) is the son of Mahmud Ali of Jamalpur village of Guagachia union of Ghazaria upazila. There are 23 cases against him in various police stations including Ghazaria police station on various charges including weapons, drugs, river robbery, fighting.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Ghazaria police station. Rajib Khan said, ‘Today we conducted a special operation against Nayan forces under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police Thandar Khairul Hasan of Munshiganj Sadar-Gazaria circle. At that time, Nayan, the chief of the naval pirate Nayan force, was not found, but his second-in-command, Pius, was found. Sensing the presence of the police, Pius and his accomplices started firing, throwing cocktails and brickbats at the police. The police also fired back in self-defense. Pius was arrested in the raid but his accomplices escaped. Three policemen were injured in the terrorist attack. The police fired 10 rounds in the raid.

Thandar Khairul Hasan, Additional Superintendent of Police of Munshiganj Sadar-Gazaria Circle, said, “We have received information from a secret source that the people of the Nayan force under the leadership of Piyas are preparing for robbery in the river. Based on such news we conduct a special operation. We were able to arrest Pius, the second-in-command of the Nayan force, in a two-and-a-half-hour sting operation. Our operation against terrorists will continue.’



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