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Poetry book by country’s first transgender presenter at book fair

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Tasnuva Anan Shishir is Bangladesh’s first transgender model, actress and news anchor. He made global headlines by presenting news on a television channel. Currently attached to a theater in the United States.

This time Tasnubha is bringing the first book of poetry. The name is ‘Parekh’. Which is published in this year’s Amar Ekush book fair.

This model-actress is now living in New York. Regarding the name of the book, he said, ‘The word Parikh comes from Hijra culture. Our Guru came from the mother-disciple. Parikh means lover/lover or lover. Like other cultures, our culture of transgenders is losing its culture, way of life and sense. The good aspects of the transgender culture are about to disappear. Not many people know that Hijra is not a gender identity, it is a culture. Here, transgender, trans man-woman, intersex people are people in the tradition of guru-disciple in the umbrella tram, choosing this name.

Regarding his writing, he said, ‘The habit of writing is from childhood. I used to write wall papers, I used to write in school periodicals. But there is no childhood writing here. I wrote the oldest poem in the first year of honors. It contains two letters—one to father and one to mother. In all, the book is published in 45 poems.

About the style of writing, he said, it is basically a book of love poems. According to him, ‘Love is an integral part of life. There is moaning, lack of power, illusion of memory, romance, retreat in poetry. I live by writing down my pain. Always turn my grief into strength. Love-Love-Intersection is with me while writing.’

It is known that Parikh will come from Anbesha Prakashan. The book will be available from February 1.


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