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Planning Minister’s income has decreased but his wealth has increased

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Awami League candidate for Sunamganj-3 constituency and Planning Minister MA Mannan’s income has increased despite the decrease in his wealth. After being elected as a Member of Parliament for the first time, his cash flow increased. In 2008, MA Mannan’s annual income from agriculture and shares was Tk 37 lakh 80 thousand and the income of his wife or dependents was Tk 12 lakh 90 thousand. In 2014, his annual income decreased to 8 lakh 48 thousand 179 taka due to house rent, shares and parliamentarian honorarium. He did not show any income of his wife or dependents at that time.

Planning Minister and Awami League candidate for Sunamganj-3 Constituency MA Mannan’s income has decreased. There is no house-flat and capital land. However, the movable property of the minister and his wife has increased. This information is obtained by reviewing the affidavits of the previous three elections along with the affidavits submitted to the office of the Returning Officer of Sunamganj in the upcoming National Assembly elections.

The annual income of MA Mannan increased to a total of Tk. 24 lakh 54 thousand 231 in the last parliamentary elections. Out of which 3 lakh 96 thousand 280 taka from house rent, 7 lakh 79 thousand 622 taka from shares, 11 lakh 4 thousand taka from professional income and 1 lakh 74 thousand 329 taka from allowance. This time too his wife or dependents had no demonstrable income.

According to the affidavit submitted as the Awami League nominated Member of Parliament of the same constituency on the occasion of the upcoming National Parliament election, the current annual income of the minister has decreased to Tk 17 lakh 13 thousand 212. Although there is no immovable property, the movable property of the minister and his wife has increased almost two and a half times compared to the previous period. In the affidavit for the upcoming National Assembly elections, the minister mentioned his movable assets of 3 crore 33 lakh 88 thousand 5 taka and 87 lakh 60 thousand 885 taka in the name of his wife.

The people of the planning minister’s constituency say that he is a decent person. He did nothing for himself. Holding the hand of MA Mannan, Sunamganj as well as the country said that there has been a lot of development. MA Mannan came into politics for the development of the country and his area. So he donated his father’s life to the government.

Advocate Matiur Rahman Pir, general secretary of Sunamganj Red Crescent Society, said, “We are seeing many people who have given an affidavit have increased their property.” But over the last one year, the price of party names has also been increased. Looking at it from that side, the increase of a candidate’s property is not unusual. But the Planning Minister is a decent person. Everyone wants him to be a minister again.


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