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Placards to Guns: Junta’s ‘Eye Poison’ PDF

by Afonso
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It happened three years ago. Pro-democracy youths take to the streets with placards in the Myanmar city of Mandalay to protest the military coup. Meanwhile, the Myanmar army attacked them. Inhuman torture is done.

Myanmar’s military came back to power in a coup in 2021, ousting a 10-year democratic government. The country plunged into civil war. The economy crashed. Thousands of youth join the People’s Defense Forces PDF. They took to the streets with guns instead of placards to bring back democracy.

This People’s Defense Forces PDF is playing an important role in overthrowing the junta government in Myanmar. From plains to remote border areas, small units of PDF are scattered.

According to media Irrawaddy, young people from all walks of life, from students to teachers, have joined the PDF. Everyone is equally confident. They said that they have the ability to overcome any army in certain areas.

Far away from home is their hideout in the Shan Hills. They have strict rules like the army. Smaller units of PDF are spread from plains to remote border areas.

There is disagreement over whether it is possible to defeat the army that has ruled Myanmar for more than 70 years. However, military experts say that the junta government is in its weakest state after assuming power.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many people have died in the ongoing conflict. But according to a local monitoring group, at least 4,400 people lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the army claims that more than 6,000 civilians have died in the hands of rebel groups. The Min Aung Hlaing administration labeled the PDF fighters as terrorists, accusing them of destroying the country.


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